Societas Caucasologica Europaea

The Societas Caucasologica Europaea organized biennial meetings on Caucasian linguistics and literature for about 20 years. More details can be found here.

The biennial meetings commenced in 1983 (Hull, England). Subsequent meetings were held in 1984 (Vienna, Austria), 1986 (Oslo, Norway, when the society was formally constituted), 1988 (Paris, France), 1990 (London, England), 1992 (Maikop, Adygheian Republic, Russian Federation), 1994 (Marburg, Germany), 1996 (Leiden, Holland), 2000 (Munich, Germany), 2002 Moscow (Russian Federation). Since then the society has been inactive.

Proceedings of the meetings were published locally:

    • Thordarson, Fridrik (ed.). 1988. Studia Caucasologica I, Proceedings of the Third Caucasian Colloquium, Oslo, July 1986. Oslo: Norwegian University Press [Institute for Comparative Research in Human Culture].
    • 1992. Paris, Catherine (ed.). Caucasologie et mythologie comparée. Actes du colloque international du CNRS – IVe colloque de caucasologie (Sèvres, 27-29 juin 1988). Paris: Peeters.
    • Hewitt, George (ed.). 1992. Caucasian Perspectives, Selected papers from the 1990 meeting of Societas Caucasica Europaea. München: Lincom.
    • Gadagatl, Asker M.and Khadzhebiekov, Ruslan G. (eds.). 1994. Nartskii Epos i Kavkazskoe Jazykoznanie (The Nart Epic and Caucasology); Societas Caucasologica Europæa, VIth Colloquium, 23-25 June 1992, Maikop. Maikop: Adygheian Academy of Sciences.
    • Helma van den Berg (ed.). 1999. Studies in Caucasian Linguistics: Selected papers of the Eighth Caucasian Colloquium, Leiden 1996. Leiden: Leiden University, CNWS Publications 48. Reviewed by Edward J Vajda, Language, 77:398 (2001).

Sadly, while searching the web for information on the society, I stumbled on these obituaries. The list might be longer.

Catherine Paris (of the University of Paris), died 1999.

Helma van den Berg (of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology at Leipzig), died 11 Nov 2003 in Daghestan.

Fridrik Thordarson (of Oslo University, founder of Societas Caucasologica Europaea) died 2 Oct 2005.

Ketevan Lomtatidze (of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences) died in 2007. (in Georgian). The 3rd International Symposium of Caucasian Linguistics (Proceedings in Georgian with English summaries) was held at Tbilisi in 2011 to commemorate the centenary of her birth.

Mukhadin A Kumakhov (of the Moscow Academy of Sciences), died 7 Jun 2008.,_Prof._M._Kumakhov.html

Alexandr Kibrik (of the University of Moscow), died 31 Oct 2012.

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