Maikop 1992

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The 6th Colloquium of the Societas Caucasologica Europaea was held at Maikop, the capital of the Republic of Adygeia, on 23-25 June, 1992.
Maikop town centre
The colloquium was organized by Asker Gadagatl of the University of Maikop, the main theme being the Nart sagas, with additional sections on Caucasian linguistics.

Professor Gadagatl’s lifework is devoted to the Circassian Nart sagas and the compilation of the definitive 7 volume edition. An anthology of the Nart sagas has recently been published by John Colorusso in English.

Gadagatl, Asker M.and Khadzhebiekov, Ruslan G. (eds.). 1994. Nartskii Epos i Kavkazskoe Jazykoznanie (The Nart Epic and Caucasology); Societas Caucasologica Europæa, VIth Colloquium, 23-25 June 1992, Maikop. Maikop: Adyghe Academy of Sciences.

Reception by the Maikop City Council
Excursion: a country school Asker Gadagatl
A welcoming toast
A welcoming toast

My own presentation was an analysis of the Kabardian vowels.

Street scenes from Maikop:

Hot pies The corner of Pvomayskaya Street.
An echo from the Bolshevik revolution
Tembot Kerashev memorial
The Adyghe author, Tembot Kerashev, 1902-1988, by the Ossetian sculptor Lazar Gadayev, outside Kerashev’s Maikop home where he lived from 1938 to 1988.

Scenes from a tour of country schools and folk museums:

Excursion: a country school Excursion: a country school
Excursion: a country school Excursion: a folk museum
The Adygheian border: River xxx
The Adygeian border
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