Tbilisi 1990

The Lund University Department of Linguistics undertook an expedition to Tbilisi in September 1990, capably managed by Karina Vamling, and at the invitation of  the Georgian Academy of Sciences and the Chikobava Institute of Linguistics . This had originally been planned for the previous year, when the trip was stopped in Moscow by the Soviet government following the 9 April massacre in Tbilisi that had just happened. That first visit had been planned as a linguistics symposium together with the Academy of Sciences and the Chikobava Institute. Now, 18 months later, the party also included members of the Department of History and the Faculty of Theology.

eleanoraandalexanderOur generous hosts in Tbilisi, sadly both have died during the intervening years: Eleanora Kremer (Professor of Russian) and Aleksandre Mahometovi (Professor of Daghestanian Languages)

Scenes from Tbilisi

  The Georgian flagThe flag of the Republic of Georgia, six months independent, flying from the university
 The founders of Tblisi university

Monument commemorating Arnold Chikobava, Caucasian linguist and founder member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences
Tbilisi balconiesA scene in Old Tbilisi
 199011K33“Berikaoba”: revelling youngsters by Avtandil Monaselidze at the Museum of Children’s Art
Reception at home of a host familyA moment’s relaxation
 Cafe and fountainSome of the group in a Tbilisi cafe

Excursion to Mtskheta


Jvari monastery from the 6th century
 Dzhvari?Bas-relief over the doorway
of Jvari monastery church
Mtskheta from DzhvariThe Kura River and Mtskheta seen from the Jvari monastery
 Dzhvari from MtskhetaThe Jvari monastery seen from Mtskheta
Mtskheta?Svetitskhoveli cathedral at Mtskheta, 11th century, built on the foundations of two
earlier churches
 Mtskheta?Ornamentation on the side of Svetitskhoveli cathedral at Mtskheta

Excursion to Samtavisi, Gori and Didi Ateni

199011K38Samtavisi cathedral, 11-12th century
 199011K36Murals in the cupola of Samtavisi cathedral
Stonework at Sveti Tskhoveli cathedralMassive bas-relief on the east wall
 Sculpture: Griffin and knotsOrnamentation
The Belfry: Sveti Tskhoveli cathedralBelfry and gate tower in the fortified wall surrounding the Samtavisi cathedral site
 199012K06Discussing the archaeology of the Samtavisi site
Roadside fruit marketRoadside fruit market near Gori
 Petrol queueRumoured petrol delivery, Gori
Josef Stalin's railway coachEcho of the Soviet Union: Joseph Stalin’s official railway coach
 Statue of StalinEcho of the Soviet Union: Joseph Stalin’s statue still standing in Gori outside the town hall.
Stalin's birthplaceThe shrine erected in 1939 over the cottage where Stalin was born
 Stalin's childhood homeThe cottage where Stalin was born in 1878
A country laneVillage and vineyard near Gori
 Approaching the church of Sioni AteniThe village of Didi Ateni in the foothills near Gori
Sioni AteniThe group entering the gate to the 7th century church of Ateni Sioni
 Sioni AteniThe grapevine pergola leading up to the church
Old urns at Sioni AteniEarthenware urns or amphorae
inside the church
 Restoration at Sioni AteniRestoration in progress
Old Georgian script at Sioni AteniAncient Georgian inscription
 Fresh peppars at Sioni AteniFresh fruit and vegetables outside the church
Cave city near GoriClimbing the rocky path to the Uplistsikhe cave settlement near Gori
 Cave city near GoriPart of the Uplistsikhe cave settlement, in use from the 1st millenium BC to the middle ages
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