About me

  • Docent: senior research fellow.
  • Speech scientist; registered speech pathologist and therapist
  • Retired senior lecturer in phonetics; formerly at University of Lund and University of Umeå, Sweden
  • PhD thesis on vowel articulation
  • Teaching topics: speech production, speech physiology, phonology, neurolinguistics
  • Research interests: the gestural structure of vowels and consonants, the temporal organisation of speech articulator manoeuvres, the relationship between articulation and spectral properties of speech, assimilation, coarticulation; based on data obtained from X-ray motion films of speech from several languages (English, Swedish, Arabic, Inuit, Bulgarian)
  • Reviewer for journals and research councils
  • Member of the Acoustical Society of America
  • Member of the Int. Speech Communication Assoc.
  • Member of the Int. Phonetic Assoc.

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