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Tbilisi 1990

The Lund University Department of Linguistics undertook an expedition to Tbilisi in September 1990, capably managed by Karina Vamling, and at the invitation of  the Georgian Academy of Sciences and the Chikobava Institute of Linguistics . This had originally been … Continue reading

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Correlation and causality: ejectives

Spurious correlations “Recent studies have been uncovering some surprising links between cultural traits. For example, between chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel laureates a country produces, between the number of phonemes in a language and distance from East Africa, … Continue reading

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Maikop 1992

Adapted from Wikipedia The 6th Colloquium of the Societas Caucasologica Europaea was held at Maikop, the capital of the Republic of Adygeia, on 23-25 June, 1992. The colloquium was organized by Asker Gadagatl of the University of Maikop, the main … Continue reading

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Societas Caucasologica Europaea

The Societas Caucasologica Europaea organized biennial meetings on Caucasian linguistics and literature for about 20 years. More details can be found here. The biennial meetings commenced in 1983 (Hull, England). Subsequent meetings were held in 1984 (Vienna, Austria), 1986 (Oslo, … Continue reading

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