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X-ray movie: uvular [ʀ]

A short sequence from an X-ray motion film: Uvular [yʀa] This is a short sequence where a speaker of Southern Swedish is saying [ˈyʀa], broken out from a longer sequence, /ˈfy:ra/, [ˈfəyʀa], fyra, ‘four’. This example is illustrated with every … Continue reading

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Correlation and causality: ejectives

Spurious correlations “Recent studies have been uncovering some surprising links between cultural traits. For example, between chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel laureates a country produces, between the number of phonemes in a language and distance from East Africa, … Continue reading

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Sound Recording Technology

150 years of sound recording technology   There is a more complete version here, with more detail, links and sound examples.   An illustration of the 1859 version of Scott’s Phonautograph, as published in Franz Josef Pisko, Die neueren Apparate … Continue reading

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