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Convert a stereo Sound object to mono

There are a few situations where Praat automatically changes a stereo Sound object to mono, for example:

  • Stereo files in the AIFF or AIFC formats are always opened as mono by Open>Read from file from the Objects window (the channels are combined).
  • When both channels of a stereo Sound object are being viewed and edited in the Sound editor, they are quietly, but only temporarily, combined for any analyses

If you need to, you can split a stereo Sound object into two separate mono Sound objects by extracting the channels, see Extract channels.

You can also convert a stereo Sound object to mono yourself from the Objects window:

  • Select your stereo Sound object in the Objects window
  • Click the Convert button in the list of actions, the Convert menu opens, select Convert to mono:
  • Praat merges the two stereo channels and places a new Sound object in the Objects list, using the original name with “mono” added:
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