Sound editor zooming

Praat for Beginners:
The Sound editor: zoom controls

  • Zooming in means magnifying what you are looking at (the waveform and maybe an analysis)
  • Zooming out means reducing the magnification
  • The zoom buttons are in the bottom left corner below the waveform.
  • They control magnification of the time scale to permit a closer look at some detail or for greater precision in placing the cursor, making cuts etc.
  • All: Show the whole Sound object in the window
  • In: Zoom in to half (double magnification) centred around the midpoint of the window
  • Out: Zoom out to double (halve magnification)
  • Sel: Zoom in to a selection
  • Bak: Return from selection zoom
  • Continue increasing magnification by using the in button
  • Or use sel again after making a new selection
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