Window grouping

Praat for Beginners:
Window grouping

  • Various Praat windows – such as the Sound editor with waveform, spectrogram, fundamental frequency etc. – can be synchronized to display precisely the same signal segment, same cursor position, same selection, same zooming, same scrolling position etc, all to the same scale. Click the Group box in the bottom right corner of the window. This should be done in each window that is to be synchronized. The grouped windows are then synchronized, but not the ungrouped windows.
      • To turn Grouping on: Tick the Group box
      • To turn Grouping off: Untick the Group box
  • For example, have the signal zoomed in one window and unzoomed in another, a spectrogram in one and fundamental frequency in another etc, and synchronize all.
  • Curser movement and selection are synchronized between all grouped windows.
  • The way grouped windows are synchronized can be modified further in the grouping preferences.
  • In the Sound editor window where you wish to set grouping preferences, open File/Preferences …
  • The Preferences dialogue opens:
  • Tick the box to synchronize zooming and scrolling in grouped windows. Untick the box to turn of zoom and scroll synchronization. This preference setting applies to all grouped windows, not just the window where it was set.
  • Arrow scroll step:
    • The key combination [Shift]+[Up-arrow] creates and extends a selection by steps leftwards from the cursor position. The step size is set here.
    • The key combination [Shift]+[Down-arrow] shortens a selection in steps rightwards towards the cursor, or, if there is no selection, moves the cursor to the right in steps. The same step size applies here.
    • Arrow scrolling and the step size apply to all grouped windows.
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