Other Passions 1: Strelitzia reginae (Bird of paradise)
Strelitzia reginae
(Bird of paradise)
A south african species that’s popular in gardens round the Mediterranean. Too tender for a Scandinavian winter. This one was brought home from Madeira as a tiny plant 10 years ago and it’s flowered this year (2012) for the first time.
The flowers emerge one by one from the sheath (bract) on the right and rotate towards the stem.
Other Passions 1: Pleione limprichtii
Pleione limprichtii
A small orchid from Sichuan in SW China, where it grows at 2000-3000 metres. It’s accustomed to severe winters and will grow outside in our corner of Sweden, but is fussy. I haven’t yet found a spot it likes so I keep a few inside in reserve.
Other Passions 3: Cultivated orchids
Dactylorhiza hybrid
Cloned and sold for cultivation
Looks very similar to D. maculata (heath spotted orchid, common spotted orchid etc; Swedish: skogsnycklar)
Other Passions 3: Cultivated orchids
Cloned and sold for cultivation
The petals and sepals aren’t the deeper purple of C. calceolus (native to most of Europe). This is possibly a selection or a hybrid. Lady’s slipper; Swedish: guckosko.
Other Passions 3: Cultivated orchids
Venus slipper hybrid.
Cloned and sold for cultivation.
Looks like Cypripedium kentuckiense (native to Kentucky and neighbouring states in the USA), possibly hybrid with C. macranthum from Russia.
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