Praat for Beginners:
Quick guide to playback

See also:

  • Check that necessary sound devices are connected and switched on
  • Check that the sound source is set in the Windows volume control:
  • Playback from the Sound recorders:
  • Playback from the Objects window:
  • Sound objects and LongSound objects are handled differently
  • Select a LongSound object and click Play part.
    • Then set the start and end times of what you want to hear
    • Repeat the procedure to listen again
  • The [Esc] key is active and stops playback
  • For more detail see Objects window playback.
  • Playback from the Sound editor:
    • Sound object: click View&Edit in the Objects window
    • LongSound object: click View in the Objects window
  • In the Sound editor, the bars below the data window play various segments
  • For more detail see Sound editor playback.
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