Wild orchids

Orchis mascula

Orchis mascula
Early purple orchid
(Swedish: Sankt Pers Nycklar)
May-June, Öland
Anacamptis morio

Anacamptis morio
Green winged orchid
(Swedish: Göknycklar)
May-June, Öland

Dactylorhiza sambucina
Elder orchid
(Swedish: Adam och Eva)
May-June, Öland
Flowers red or yellow, or
anything between like these two
Orchis ustulata

Neotinea ustulata
Burnt orchid
(Swedish: Krutbrännare)
June, Öland
Corallorhiza trifida

Corallorhiza trifida
Coralroot orchid
(Swedish: Korallrot)
May-July, Norrbotten
Ophrys insectifera

Ophrys insectiflora
Fly orchid
(Swedish: Flugblomster)
May-July, Öland
Leuorchis albida

Pseudorchis albida
Small white orchid
(Swedish: Vityxne)
June-July, Norrbotten
Platanthera obtusa oligantha

Platanthera obtusata oligantha
Northern bog orchid, broad-leaved orchid
(Swedish: Lappyxne)
July, Norrbotten
Other Passions 2: Wild orchids

Dactylorhiza viridis
Frog orchid
(Swedish: Grönkulla)
Iceland, below the glacier Myrdalsjökull and Mount Katla
Pseudorchis straminea

Pseudorchis straminea
Alpine small white orchid
(Swedish: Fjällyxne)
July-August, Norrbotten
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