Sound editor menus

Praat for Beginners:
The Sound editor: the menus

  • The Sound editor menus contain commands that affect various aspects of what you see displayed in the Sound editor window or of what you want to do with your sound signal. These commands are outlined below and are described in more detail in other relevant parts of the manual. Only commands of interest to beginners will be described.
  • File menu:
    • LExtract sound selections as Sound objects in the Objects listL
    • LSave sound selectionsL as sound files


  • Edit menu:
    • LCopy and pasteL sound selections
    • LSilence and reverseL sound selections
  • Query menu: Log any measurements made from
    what is displayed in the Sound editor window
  • Selection menu: Commands for positioning the cursor with precision
  • Pitch menu:
    • LTurn fundamental frequency on/offL
    • Set fundamental frequency analysis parameters
    • Extract the fundamental frequency display to the Objects list
    • Measure points along the frequency contour
  • Intensity menu:
    • LTurn intensity on/offL
    • LSet intensity analysis parametersL
    • Extract the intensity display to the Objects list
    • Measure points along the intensity contour
  • Pulses menu:
    • Turn glottal pulses on/off
    • Extract the pulse display to the Objects list
    • Perform various voice quality analyses (jitter and shimmer)
  • Help menu: Search the Praat program help file
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